Healthcare (HIPAA)

Rapid, reliable technology and compliance services to best serve your patients.

Healthcare is a complex and ever-evolving landscape industry. Between the constantly shifting needs of today’s patient population, emergent technologies aimed at streamlining the care delivery process, and the web of compliance and regulatory requirements, any healthcare organization has a daunting task to stay on top of it all.

At Trinsic Technologies, we’re here to make that task a little less daunting. We aim to be your partner for all of your health service technology needs, providing solutions that help optimize workflows, ensure airtight cybersecurity, and much more, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance at every level. Our team provides rapid response times with true 24/7 support—meaning you and your providers will be able to talk to one of our friendly humans at any time, day or night. Find out what Trinsic can do for your healthcare organization!

Quick Response Times.

Guaranteed 15-minute response time from a Trinsic Tech team member. These responses are not automated and team members have the capability to escalate tickets.

Unparalleled Customer Service.

We love serving our clients in the pursuit of their endeavors and we continually look for ways to take our services to the next level. Have feedback? Let’s hear it!

Flexible, Customized Solutions.

We’re on a mission to fully understand your business to ensure needs are met and the engagement is beneficial for all involved.

Rapid, High-Quality Support—at Any Moment’s Notice

At Trinsic, we understand that healthcare doesn’t always operate according to schedule—in fact, it often doesn’t. Doctors will not accept being in a patient room and the WiFi isn’t allowing them to access the EHR. That’s why we provide guaranteed 15-minute response times from a real, live Trinsic team member, 24/7. No matter what time one of your providers is inputting client info, we’re there to provide reliable support at any moment.

Managed Services, Cybersecurity, and Technology Solutions

Trinsic Technologies is your partner for keeping your healthcare organization on the cutting edge in every phase of your operation. Whether you’re looking for EHR solutions, workflow optimization, or high-availability cloud-based processing, we’ve got you covered. Because data security is especially important in healthcare, we also provide enterprise-level cybersecurity, including risk assessments to protect your organization against evolving cyber threats. Finally, we perform all updates and patches after hours, ensuring no downtime for care delivery.

HIPAA Compliance at Every Level

Governed by the complex guidelines of HIPAA, the absolute security and privacy of patient data is critical for any healthcare organization. At Trinsic, we ensure HIPAA compliance at every level, covering EMR, line of business softwares, and more. As with all of our regulatory compliance services, we also undergo regular audits from a third party to ensure the utmost transparency and quality.

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