Financial (PCI / FISMA)

The highly regulated financial industry is ruled by a web of regulations and compliance requirements, especially FISMA, the Federal Information Security Management Act, which mandates how financial data is protected, stored, or accessed by government agencies. This, combined with other sets of regulations such as PCI and FINRA, adds an additional wrinkle to the complex task of effectively leveraging technology in the financial sector.

Trinsic has all the skills and expertise you need to take your financial organization to the next level. We provide a full offering of managed IT services and business technology solutions, backed by thorough knowledge of the complex regulations governing the financial industry. Our solutions are specifically designed to serve the needs of your business while exceeding the stringent standards of FISMA and other compliance guidelines. What’s more, we provide 24/7 support, and one of our (friendly!) representatives will be available to help solve your IT problems no matter when they occur.

Quick Response Time.

Guaranteed 15-minute response time from a Trinsic Tech team member. These responses are not automated and team members have the capability to escalate tickets.

Unparalleled Customer Service.

We love serving our clients in the pursuit of their endeavors and we continually look for ways to take our services to the next level. Have feedback? Let’s hear it!

Flexible, Customized Solutions.

We’re on a mission to fully understand your business to ensure needs are met and the engagement is beneficial for all involved.

Technology Solutions for Financial Organizations

Finance is a fiercely competitive industry, with every business and organization constantly striving to gain an edge on their rivals. Effectively leveraging business technology can give you the advantage you need to push your business forward and achieve even the most ambitious goals. Trinsic Technologies can provide for the specific needs of your business through IT services covering digital transformation, workflow optimization, data access and security solutions, incident detection and response, and much more.

Complete FISMA Compliance

FISMA was created to improve how electronic information is managed and processed. Though it lays out a detailed list of regulations, the onus is on the companies themselves to develop and maintain an information security plan that complies with its mandates. Non-compliance can lead to a reduction of federal funding and an inability to apply for government contracts, not to mention the reputational harm that could ensue. At Trinsic, we pride ourselves on our ability to implement technology solutions that abide by FISMA standards at every level of business operations.

A Range of PCI Compliance Services

The payment card industry data security standard (PCI) is similar to FISMA in its goals, although it operates outside of the government landscape. PCI standards apply to any store, merchant, or retailer that processes, holds, or transmits cardholder data of any kind. We provide a complete selection of services to keep your business compliant with all facets of PCI, including vulnerability scans, compliance reporting, process optimization, cybersecurity, and more. 

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