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“I met with several providers when looking for help managing IT matters. Trinsic was the only one who treated our company as an individual, not just another identical cog in their wheel. They listened to my needs and concerns and addressed them with particular tools and suggestions custom fit to our company. They gave us what we needed, not what they wanted to sell us.

Response time is great, solutions are fast, and they always give us advice to prevent future issues so we may not have to call them again. That shows that keeping us running and happy is more important than cashing in on the next service call.

Thanks to Art, Jeb, Seth and the rest of the team at Trinsic.”

Greg Martinez

“Switching IT support companies can be a daunting task. After dealing with other companies that claimed to offer support-we were convinced they were all “one size fits all.” Then we met with the masterminds behind this company- not only have they offered us fast support any issues that arise from time to time, they also meet with your company to discuss the true needs of your company. What was important for our infrastructure and how to make it better and more stable for future development. I cannot say enough good things about this company.”

Mireya Rodriguez

“My company has been using Trinsic for several years for IT services, data hosting and network support. We offer multiple mobile and web applications and we need 24/7 support to accommodate our international development team. Trinsic always provides responsive support and they have been eager to help us with whatever technical issues have arisen.

We find their service is very reasonably priced given the level of support that we require. We consider Trinsic vital to our operations and highly recommend them to any company which relies heavily on its technology.”

Steve Bostic

“My company has been using Trinsic Technologies for both network and cloud based backup support over the past five years. They are very professional and extremely responsive to our IT support needs.”

Dave C.

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