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As with any business that leverages vast amounts of resources, engineering and construction companies handle a high volume of data. Any delays or slowdowns, whether caused by problems on the ground or by inadequate technology, can result in costly downtime and loss of business.

At Trinsic Technologies, we provide flexible IT solutions for the engineering and construction industry, with a particular focus on mobile device management, virtual desktops that can be used in the field over cellular networks, and effective use and secure storage of data. We believe time is money, 24/7 availability is fundamental, details and accuracy are critical, and a secure mobile strategy is essential. Through these guiding principles, we help assure your business continuity while supporting your efforts to deliver on time and on budget.

Quick Response Times.

Guaranteed 15-minute response time from a Trinsic Tech team member. These responses are not automated and team members have the capability to escalate tickets.

Unparalleled Customer Service.

We love serving our clients in the pursuit of their endeavors and we continually look for ways to take our services to the next level. Have feedback? Let’s hear it!

Flexible, Customized Solutions.

We’re on a mission to fully understand your business to ensure needs are met and the engagement is beneficial for all involved.

Never Worry About Losing Data

We’re in the era of data, and this is especially true in the engineering and construction space. Critical data is used to track materials, evaluate project safety and risks, and monitor structural integrity—and loss of data will almost assuredly result in lost business. Our data storage and management solutions ensure that your business never needs to worry about security breaches or data loss ever again. No matter where your office is today, we’ve got you covered.

Collaborative Visualization and BIM Technology

With the potential for a large and disparate group of stakeholders on any given project, collaboration is essential in engineering and construction. Trinsic can integrate BIM technology and other visualization tools into a collaborative platform for your business, helping you connect and coordinate over time-sensitive issues to get the job done faster.

True 24/7 Support to Minimize Downtime

Downtime can spell disaster in an industry like engineering and construction. When you have IT needs or a sudden technology emergency, such as a security breach, you need an IT partner that can respond and resolve your issue fast. Trinsic offers 24/7 support—from real, friendly people—with guaranteed 15-minute response times to ensure any problem you face is resolved as quickly as possible.

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