Trinsic Securing Your Remote Workforce Webinar Teaser

Protecting your company with a remote working solution really isn’t optional, unless you don’t allow any operations to take place remotely. Since that’s not very practical, it pays to find a solution that will work for your company and start using it. While a consumer VPN might be better than having nothing at all, the fact is, it’s probably not good enough to keep you and your business out of trouble.

Brad Triem, Chief Technology Officer for Trinsic Technologies takes some time to discuss the intricacies of vetting the best solution for a business seeking to support a remote workforce. He takes the time to discuss a brief history of remote desktop access, the concerns with security, issues which should be considered in a workforce solution and his opinions on what makes the best solutions.

Anyone who is considering expanding to a remote/virtual desktop, the use of a VPN or some other technology would benefit from Brad’s insights. Those who already have a solution in place should consider his counsel as well if they don’t have the answer to the following questions:

Who is certifying the encryption?
How was it tested and who did the testing?
Where is the server?
How do they connect to your corporate network?
Does the connection meet your internal network standard?
What kind of logging is performed? Are you under regulation to log?
We hope you take the time to join us as we explore your options to supporting a remote workforce.

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