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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Enterprise

The iPhone, some say, revolutionized smartphones. Of course, smartphones were around long before the iPhone. Both Palm and BlackBerry had smart devices that did more than just make a phone call. One of the best things about the iPhone is that it has tons of applications or “apps” that help make it even more useful. If you are an IT admin or IT helpdesk manager, here are 10 of the best apps you can recommend to your coworkers.

Number 10: Things for iPhone and iPad

Things is one of the best To-Do app on iOS. It lets you not only do the traditional list of things to do but also create projects that contain steps that need to be done. It has alarms and notifications, scheduled todo items so you can have ones that repeat, and it keeps a log of all of your completed projects. However it is lacking a bit in a few features. First it doesn’t integrate with the calendar (since Apple doesn’t allow app-to-app connections, but it could use CALDAV), and it is very expensive. A todo list is only good if it is on all of your devices. Things requires you to buy it on all the Apple platforms, and there is no Android version.

Number 9: iMessages

I know this isn’t a third party app, but it is quite awesome. Basically this is Apple’s version of BBM, which is what BlackBerry has used for the last few years. With iMessage you can text message anyone with an iOS device for free over 3G/LTE or WiFi. It is great for those who have multiple Apple devices as a lot of enterprise users are starting to do. Again the downside is that this is an Apple only solution.

Number 8: Teambox

Teambox for iOS manages your projects and time. What’s awesome though is it is based around teams and syncs to the cloud. It allows for a team manager who can assign tasks and set milestones, it gives the team a private chat area where they can discuss the project (much like Facebook chat), and it integrates with Google Calendar and CALDAV. Oh, and it’s free. Sweet.

Number 7: Dropbox

Dropbox is awesome for both individuals and teams. Basically it is a folder that syncs across the cloud and devices. Put something in the folder it will upload to the cloud and sync to any other computer or smartphone/tablet that runs the software. Downside is that storage isn’t the cheapest of these services, but it is the best. The app itself is free.

Number 6: iA Writer

If you work at a company where a lot of your fellow coworkers do a lot of writing, iA Writer is a great minimalistic wordprocessor. It is just a white sheet where you do your writing. It syncs with Dropbox so you can access the documents via any text editor you wish on other platforms.

Number 5: Evernote

Along with a great todo app, most people need a place to store their notes. You can use Apple’s built in note taking app, but it really kinda sucks. No, for real note taking you need something that syncs, allows you to import anything and of course allows you to take notes. Evernote does that. It syncs across devices and to the cloud, allows you to import things like audio, video, photos and PDFs. It’s awesome and free for basic use.

Number 4: Google Maps

Apple’s maps post iOS 6 are terrible, you might have heard something about that. Direction tools are handy throughout the enterprise from sales reps to IT help desk manager. Google Maps is the best Maps app on the iPhone, and it’s free. Turn by turn directions, traffic and public transportation options, and more.

Number 3: Numbers for iPhone

If you need to work on or view spreadsheets, this is a nice app. It’s a little pricey since it is an Apple app, but it works well. The problem of course is that it is an Apple app. If you work on Excel on your computer as most people do, Numbers will work with those files but just barely. Since there is no Excel for the iPhone (yet), this might be the best you can do.

Number 2: Chrome for iOS

One of the great things about having an always connected device in your pocket is being able to browse the Internet anytime, anywhere. Safari for the iPhone is okay, but if you are used to Chrome on your desktop, it’s nice to have the familiar experience. It is also great if you company use Google Apps for Business, since it lets you login to Google at the beginning and sync your stuff.

Number 1: Screens VNC Client

As an IT help desk person, your job is to help people with problems. If you use VNC options on your desktop, it might be nice to have one on your iPhone. Screens is fantastic for this. While it is a little where to control a computer with an iPhone, it works amazingly well. Downside is that it is pretty expensive.

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